Aspen Draw, Aspen and Marshall Gulch Trail Loop – 12/19/2014

1412 Enjoying untouched snow on Radio Ridge
Enjoying the snow on Radio Ridge near the Aspen Draw Trail. December 2014.

Winter Wonderland – after months and months (and months) of summer it feels like this has never happened before and might never happen again, hard to remember that every year, sooner or later, the mountain is covered in snow. Summerhaven was full of people – the trails were nearly empty, and the conditions perfect! Aspen Draw Trail, Aspen Trail, Marshall Gulch Trail Loop – 7.4 miles, 1600′ of elevation gain/loss.

1412 Snow and Snow on the Aspen Draw Trail
Sun and snow on the Aspen Draw Trail! December 2014.
1412 Snow on the Aspen Trail with the junction sign in the distance
Snow on the Aspen Trail near the junction with the Wilderness of Rock, Mint Spring and Marshall Gulch Trail. December 2014.

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