Box Spring Route to Sabino Canyon – 4/21/2015

The Box Spring Trail has long been more of a route than a trail – I think it would have already disappeared back into the mountain if its ending high in Sabino Canyon wasn’t so beautiful!

1504 Crystal Clear Water in Sabino Canyon
Rocks under crystal clear water in Sabino Canyon. April 2015.

The hike down seemed slightly easier to follow than I remember – maybe with a little more loose dirt and debris in the drainage (and maybe just a little more poison ivy)? It was a surprise to meet two hikers coming up – but no surprise that anyone on this trail was fun to chat with for a few minutes!

Sabino Canyon was – just like every time I have been down the Box Camp Trail – wonderful – cold flowing water, pools, beautiful rocks and green all around. After walking down to the first obstacle and taking a break we exited the canyon to the north – at first with the goal of working downstream, but eventually lured upward by the rocks to a high point…

1504 Ridge South East of Sabino Canyon ending with Brinkley Point
Looking across Sabino Canyon – on the left side of the picture is the drainage the Box Spring Trail follows, Brinkley Point is on the far right of the picture. April 2015.

We rested, enjoyed the views and planned an exit up one of the small ridges back to the main ridge (rather than going back up the Box Spring drainage) – and then plunged down the hillsides into the canyon bottom!

1504 Slip and slide on the way to the bottom of Sabino Canyon
Descending back into Sabino Canyon on loose sandy hillsides. April 2015.
1504 Working down Sabino Canyon
Lance working down Sabino Canyon – flowing water, carved rock. April 2015.

We hiked a short distance down canyon before scrambling out and starting to climb. At first the route we picked seemed brilliant – steep, but fairly open and easy, unfortunately as we got closer to the top the brush became thicker and thicker… Eventually we fought thru the brush and followed game trails to finish the climb to the main ridge – from there it was an enjoyable walk back to the Box Camp Trailhead. 6.75 miles, 2300′ of elevation gain and loss.

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