Lemmon Rock Lookout – Storms – 2014/8/2

1408 Alisons Footprint on the Lemmon Rock Lookout Trail
We raced to be the first to the top of the Lemmon Rock Trail – all I saw until the top were footprints… August 2014.

Ominous clouds covered the mountain, but when we got out of the car there was no rain or lightning – just wonderful shade and cool temperatures. We took different trails down from the Summit Trailhead – the Mount Lemmon Trail and Aspen Trail, then onto the Wilderness of Rock Trail and up the Lemmon Rock Trail – we raced to be the first up the steep climb to the Lemmon Rock Lookout – I was second up the trail and all I saw were footprints until we met at the top…

1408 Clouds Sun and Curtains of Rain from below the Lemmon Rock Lookout
Curtains of rain moving across Tucson – from just below the Lemmon Rock Lookout. August 2014.

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