News – Fire Restrictions Lifted, Bighorn Update

Coronado National Forest to Lift Fire Restrictions Fires to be Permitted Friday, Visitors Reminded to use Caution, Coronado National Forest and Coronado National Forest lifts all fire restrictions, KVOA – Fire restrictions have been lifted due to rain/moisture levels! KVOA reports that “Arizona has still had nearly 1,000 wildfires this year scorching over 150,000 acres” and, of course, the Coronado National Forest Press Release urges caution.

Bighorn status update for 6/23 to 7/7 (all updates are currently available here) – no mortalities and the 5 lambs reportedly continue to appear healthy. The maps in this report are fascinating – the sheep in these maps are in the very southwest corner of the range with movement in nearly all directions from there – they are certainly crossing a number of popular trails!

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