Oracle Ridge, Red Ridge Loop – 2014/7/28

Oracle Ridge is beautiful today, flowers, green, big views and sections of great ridges.

1407 Oracle Ridge
Near the beginning of the Oracle Ridge Trail. July 2014.

As the Catalina Camp Trail descends the temperature starts to soar, but soon enough One Park Place appears and the trees along the East Fork of the Cañada del Oro provide some relief from the sun – water in the East Fork of the CDO is a surprise and we sit, relax and enjoy.

1407 Water in the East Fork of the CDO
Flowing water in the East Fork of the Cañada del Oro. July 2014.

The loop in this direction ends with the steep climb up the stunning Red Ridge Trail.

1407 Looking down Red Ridge and over to Oracle Ridge
Looking down from the Red Ridge Trail – Red Ridge on the left and Oracle Ridge on the right. July 2014.

The Oracle Ridge – Catalina Camp – Red Ridge loop is approximately 8.6 miles with 2500′ of cumulative elevation gain/loss.

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