Crystal Spring Trail – 2014/4/16

It was cool at the trailhead and for a few minutes I contemplated switching to a long sleeve shirt, but I am glad I did not – it was hot in the sun! Butterfly Trail to start and then onto the Crystal Spring Trail – such a lovely shaded forest start to the trail – the Keebler Tree came more quickly than I expected today, but I continued on without taking a real break. Ferns and other plants are starting to grow along the trail – already almost covering it in tiny sections – but still plenty of brown.

1404 Brown along the Crystal Spring Trail
Brown along the Crystal Spring Trail with just a few green Ferns starting to appear. April 2014.


1404 Gopher Snake on the Crystal Spring Trail
A Gopher Snake on the Crystal Spring Trail. April 2014.

Some of the (many) drainages were dry – but I was glad to see Alder Canyon, the next small falls and the pools/falls just before the Control Road all had some flow.

1404 Yellow Monkey Flower
Monkey Flowers near the Crystal Spring Trail! April 2014.


1404 Small Falls off the Crystal Spring Trail
Enjoying the cold water in the pools and small falls off the Crystal Spring Trail near the Control Road. April 2014.

At the Control Road I turn around and head back – in the burned sections of the trail it is hot – a nice day to be higher on the mountain!

While driving down the mountain I spot a Mountain Biker sitting by the side of the highway in a small patch of shade waving a water bottle – I pull into the Bug Spring Trailhead to make sure I have a little water left and then drive back up to add a little water, ice and soda to his supplies. He is appreciative and friendly – another car pulls up so I don’t hang out and chat, but a few miles down the mountain I think about the cue sheets on his handle bars… and at home I find Aaron among the 2014 AZT750 racers!

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