Campsite Closures – Parking Confusion

See the Catalinas now, but take toilet paper – A few friends watched this report – Mt. Lemmon campsite closures frustrate some people – and understood the report to mean that ALL parking lots(spaces) (except in Summerhaven) are closed – while it is true that many parking lots on the mountain ARE closed it is the picnic/campground area parking that is closed – the Arizona Daily Star article (linked above) has better information especially if you are reading from a ‘hikers’ perspective, key points from the article:

  • All trailheads and vista points along the Catalina Highway are open.
  • The service said all restrooms in Sabino Canyon and on the Catalina Highway are closed, including those at trailheads.
  • All Forest Service operated picnic and campground facilities in the forest have been closed. All concessionaire operated campgrounds in the forest are closed also.

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