Pioneering in Arizona, The Reminiscences of Emerson Oliver Stratton & Edith Stratton Kitt

December 2016.
December 2016.


This book is a great complement to more ‘formal’ histories of the Santa Catalina Mountains like Look to the Mountains, An in-depth look into the lives and times of the people who shaped the history of the Catalina Mountains and Islands in the Desert – providing a very personal look into the late 1800s and early 1900s in Tucson and Arizona. E.O. Stratton’s description of the start of his Pandora ranch in the Santa Catalina Mountains is a good example:

When I arrived I built a good-sized dugout in the side of the mountain, covered it with a dirt rook, and faced it with boards and a door and window I had brought with me. I furnished the place with a stove, a bed, and other items made from boxes. Just outside I pitched a tent for any company that might drop by.

  • Emerson Oliver Stratton, Edith Stratton Kitt, Edited by John Alexander Carroll
  • Arizona Pioneers’ Historical Society, 1964
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