Frog Mountain Blues

December 2016.
December 2016.

Frog Mountain Blues by Charles Bowden is a magical – and sad – book about the Catalina Mountains. There are personal remembrances and experiences, history, interviews and pictures mixed together to form a story about the Mountain and the changes to it over time. You may not agree with all of Bowden’s views – but regardless this is a powerful story largely about what we have, or may, loose because of the way we have treated/used the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Frog Mountain Blues features pictures by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Jack Dykinga who is well known for his stunning pictures of Arizona.

  • Charles Bowden with Photographs by Jack W. Dykinga
  • The University of Arizona Press, 1987, 1994
  • ISBN 0-8165-1501-8
  • Amazon
  • Google Books – Frog Mountain Blues – this is a notable resource because it includes Google’s ‘Search Inside’ feature which makes it possible to search the text (this book does not have an index…).