Fire, Rain, Rescues, Camping, Trails, Steampump, Buffelgrass, Sheep – 6/29/2015

Forest Service monitoring four small fires – Tucson News Now: “The U.S. Forest Service is watching four lightning-caused fires in the Coronado National Forest” including the Romero Canyon Fire which began on Saturday near the Sutherland Trail. At the time the article was written the fire was being monitored, not actively managed. 

Mount Lemmon gets ‘heavy dose’ of rain – Carmen Duarte – Arizona Daily Star: Beautiful summer storms have started to form over the mountain and there has already been rain!

Elderly hiker awaiting rescue from Finger Rock Trail – Carmen Duarte – Arizona Daily Star: “The 72-year-old hiker began hiking the trail at 6 a.m., but by the afternoon on his way back down from the trail he became tired and ran out of water”, while far from impossible this time of year the heat certainly makes the Finger Rock Trail worthy of caution and careful planning.

The Spencer Canyon Campground was closed for several days while reports of a mountain lion in the area were investigated – after nothing conclusive was found the campground re-opened. The last article linked below mentions that “Arizona Game and Fish estimates about 600 mountain lions live in southeast Arizona”. Spencer Canyon Campground closed after possible mountain lion sighting – Cynthia Washington – Tucson News Now, Mountain lion sighting reports close Mt. Lemmon campground – Anthony Victor Reyes and Matt Fernandez – Tucson News Now, Spencer Canyon Campground re-opens after no cougar found – Curt Prendergast – Arizona Daily Star.

Blackett’s Ridge TrailAspen Draw TrailBug Spring Trail – Doug Kreutz – Arizona Daily Star: Three great hikes, three great workouts – a nice bit of inspiration now that the summer heat is here.

OV budget passes after criticisms – Hillary Davis – The Explorer, Steam Pump funds OK’d – Hillary Davis – The Explorer: After budget wrangling “the Oro Valley Town Council voted June 17 to allocate $425,000 for the stabilization of the historic property”.

Camping: Roughing it made easier for families – Angela Pittenger – Arizona Daily Star: A write up about a Family Campout event at Catalina State Park – for a fee tents and equipment are provided, a great way to experience camping for the first time or just an easy way to get outside!

NATIONAL TRAILS DAY MOONLIGHT HIKE: “Join the Town of Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Department for our annual nighttime, flashlight hike, held in partnership with Catalina State Park.” – if you haven’t gotten to hike at night in the desert a hike like this is a great opportunity to see a very beautiful part of the summer.

Sabino Creek dwindles, but tranquil pools remain – Douglas Kreutz – Arizona Daily Star: Lovely pools remain in Sabino but with the flow almost at zero more water will depend on the summer rains…

Forest returning — ever so slowly — after Aspen Fire – Douglas Kreutz – Arizona Daily Star: “Twelve years after the Aspen Fire roared over the Catalina Mountains, once-blackened slopes are showing expanses of bright green new growth.”

Preserving Sabino Canyon means defending against invaders – Mark Hengesbaugh – Arizona Daily Star, Funding boosts battle against buffelgrass – Douglas Kreutz – Arizona Daily Star: Articles about invasive species including buffelgrass and fountain grass in Sabino Canyon – and the great news that the Department of the Interior will provide $150,750 to help with buffelgrass removal in Southern Arizona. Coronado National Forest, Saguaro National Park and the Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center (a fantastic resource if you have questions about buffelgrass!) will all receive funds.

Mt. Lemmon a training ground for visiting military – Craig Reck – Tucson News Now: Military High Angle rescue training on Mt. Lemmon.

From the Santa Catalina Bighorn Sheep Reintroduction Project – May 21 – June 3, 2015:

“From June 2-4, a research biologist recorded visual observations of 22 of the 40 collared sheep in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Three notable groups were observed in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness area. The first group included 7 ewes and 7 lambs; the second group was composed of 1 ram, 8 ewes, and 5 lambs; the third group included 5 ewes and 1 lamb. All observed lambs appeared to be between 3-5 months old, with the exception of one lamb that looked to be about 1 month old. Some of these lambs were observed nursing, while the larger lambs in the groups were seen feeding alongside adult sheep. All observed collared sheep as well as the lambs appeared to be healthy and in good body condition.”

Other Trail Incidents:

  • Stranded in the dark – Sabino Canyon Phoneline Trail and Sabino Canyon Historic Trail
  • Hikers in need of assistance due to exhaustion – Green Mountain Trail
  • Ankle injury – Butterfly Trail

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