Gnat Tank – 2/7/2015

From the Avenida de Suzenu Trailhead we walk along Horsehead Road and across Molino Canyon (flowing!), pass below the abandoned house, hop rocks crossing Agua Caliente Wash and continue on the Agua Caliente Canyon Trail up up up to Gnat Tank.

We find a nice spot below the tank and watch the sun move lower in the sky – too soon it is time to head back down into the city…

1502 Sun on FR4446
Taking a break below Gnat Tank. February 2015.
1502 Descending into Agua Caliente Wash
Tucson city lights from the Agua Caliente Canyon Trail. February 2015.
1502 Red Spotted Toad
Red Spotted Toad near Agua Caliente Wash. February 2015.


5.9 miles, 1200′ of elevation gain and loss.

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