Knagge Trail to the Cabin, Snow – 1/31/2015

Lower on the highway everything was wet – Seven Cataracts is roaring and all the usual road-cut waterfalls flowing – but somewhere around Barnum Rock the rain turned to big wet snow flakes!

1501 Driving Snow
Snow! Driving up the General Hitchcock Highway. January 2015.

The snow seems like a surprise after the rain – but it has been snowing long enough to cover Incinerator Ridge Road and put snow on the Incinerator Ridge Trail – a frozen sign greets me at the start of the Knagge Trail.

1501 Junction of the Knagge and Kellogg Mountain Trails
The upper Knagge Trail sign covered in snow. January 2014.

Clouds cover the mountain and snow covers the trail – there aren’t any footsteps to follow today but finding the trail isn’t a problem. I start to wonder about snow collecting on the highway – but surely there is time to make it to the old cabin site…

1501 Old Fire New Snow
Snow along a fire-cleared section of the Knagge Trail. January 2015.
1501 Into the Storm
Disappearing into the storm. January 2015.

The snow has turned to rain by the time I finish the hike down to the cabin – out of time I head back up into the snow.

1501 Walking up the highway
Snow on the highway – walking back up to the parking pullout above Incinerator Ridge Road. January 2015.

2.5 Miles, +/- 1100′ of elevation gain and loss.

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