Bigelow Trail and Butterfly Trail, Playing in the Snow – 12/28/2014

1412 Snowy Ridges and the valley below
Snowy ridges from the Butterfly Trail – below Mount Bigelow. December 2014.


The Bigelow Trailhead, and the highway, were crowded with people enjoying the snow – it was a sleds and snowballs day on the mountain!

In shorts and a t-shirt I had on fewer layers of clothing (and more sunscreen) than any of the people I left behind at the trailhead – I might have been going a little farther, but we were all doing the same thing – just playing in the snow…

1412 Snow on the Butterfly Trail below Mount Bigelow
The Butterfly Trail covered in snow – not far from the junction with the Bigelow and Kellogg Trails. December 2014.


The hillsides below Mount Bigelow had a fun amount of snow – but by the end of my short hike, where the Butterfly Trail was in the sun, the snow disappeared. 2.76 miles, 800′ of elevation gain/loss.

1412 Butterfly Trail and Bigelow Trail Junction
The junction of the Butterfly, Bigelow and Kellogg Trails. December 2014.

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