Mount Lemmon Trail, Storm – 12/4/2014

The rain started early in the morning – the mountains were invisible from town by the time I started my drive to the top. Clouds floated thru Soldier Canyon at Hairpin Turn and covered the peaks around Molino Basin – the rain brought out the last of the fall colors.

The Summit Parking Area was empty and I didn’t see anyone on the Mount Lemmon Trail – alone with the storm. I knew that the forecast was for rain – not snow – but it was still strange to be at the top of the mountain in December with no hint of snow or ice…

1412 Enjoying the Storm
Enjoying the storm on the Mount Lemmon Trail. December 2014.

I stop a few minutes past the junction of the Mount Lemmon and Wilderness of Rocks trail to enjoy the clouds, wind and rain before starting the climb back up. The rain gauge at the top of the mountain records the last rain just before 2 o’clock – 2.87″ for the day – and on the hike up the clouds start to break.

1412 Clouds Below
On the Mount Lemmon Trail as the storm clears – beautiful clouds below. December 2014.

On the drive down the sun and clouds were spectacular – I was not alone in stopping to enjoy the beautiful light.

1412 Sunset from the Highway
Clouds and sunset from the highway. December 2014.

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