Point 5166 South of the Bellota Trail, 10/25/2014

1410 Ridge East of the Highway near the Ruins
The ridge east of the Highway near the Ruins climbing area. October 2014.

We started at the Molino Canyon Overlook and took the un-official climber’s trail (to the Ruins) out of Molino Canyon and up to the ridge. Earlier in the year we turned to the south and visited the Weathertop area – today we turned north and hiked in the sea of grass and shindaggers along the ridge while the sun disappeared in the west.

1410 The Day Trailing into West
The day trailing off to the west. October 2014.

We reached Point 5166 in the dark – the rocky high point is south of the Bellota Trail – we watched lights on the highway and Redington Road, City Lights, Clouds and the stars.

1410 Night on Point 5166 above the Bellota Trail
On Point 5166 watching cars coming down the highway with the clouds lit by the city lights. October 2014.

On the Bellota Trail we sat and pulled the painful grass seeds out of our shoes while a Mantis used us and our lights to hunt. With the finish on the highway back to the car – 4.5 miles, +/-1250′ of elevation gain/loss.

1410 A Mantis on the Bellota Trail
Mantis. October 2014.

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