Palisade Trail to Pine Canyon, 10/19/2014

1410 Acmaeodera
An Acmaeodera on yellow flowers just off the Palisade Trail on the banks of Pine Canyon (I believe this is an Acmaeodera Gibbula on ‘Mountain Marigold’ Tagetes lemmoni). October 2014.

It was great to see clouds in the sky from the Palisade Trailhead, but it wasn’t until we left the Palisade Trail some 3 miles into our hike, wandered thru the yellow flowers and explored Pine Canyon above the first falls that I looked back and realized that we might get to enjoy some rain…

1410 Above the First Falls Looking up Pine Canyon
In Pine Canyon looking up-canyon into the dark clouds – above the first falls. October 2014.

Water was flowing nicely at the first falls – but it wasn’t our destination for the day. We continued down the trail – past Mud Spring – eventually leaving the trail and taking a small drainage towards a favorite spot above Pine Canyon.

1410 Looking down Pine Canyon Storm Moving In
Looking down Pine Canyon into Tucson with beautiful storm clouds above. October 2014.

It was a good day to sit for awhile and enjoy the rain… 7 miles, +/-1600′ of elevation gain/loss.

1410 Watching a Storm from the West Ridge of Pine Canyon
Enjoying the storm. October 2014.

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