Bigelow Trail, Butterfly to Mount Bigelow, Bigelow Road and the Highway – 9/12/2014

1409 Golden Eye
Flowers!!! The flowers along the Bigelow Trail and Butterfly Trail up to Mount Bigelow were spectacular!

Dirt roads and paved mountain roads may not always be my first choice for travel on foot – but I have to admit that some of the most lovely vistas I have ever been to are along roads – and sometimes new routes magically open up once you abandon a strict trails-only approach.

Up the Bigelow Trail – lovely flowers and big trees, onto the Butterfly Trail up to Mount Bigelow, down Bigelow Road – great views and nice to see all the people out camping, onto to highway – Turkeys flying across and on the side of the road – and back to the Bigelow Trailhead – 6.3 miles, 860′ of elevation gain/loss.

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