Construction, Fire and Flowers

1409 Middle Bear Canyon Picnic Area Construction
Restroom replacement – Middle Bear Picnic Area. September 2014.

Middle Bear Canyon picnic area is currently closed for construction – the restroom is being replaced – you can see in the picture above that the old restroom (at least the visible portion) has already been demolished.

1409 Prescribed Burn along the Highway
Smoke and small flames – a prescribed burn near the highway. September 2014.

I saw the first sign about the prescribed burns near the Box Camp Trailhead but it wasn’t until I passed the Upper Butterfly Trailhead and Sunset Trailhead that the smoke and small fires along the highway created a fascinating sight.

1409 Stevia
Flowers along the Meadow Trail. September 2014.

A short run – the Meadow and Mount Lemmon Trails to the Sutherland Trail junction from the Summit Trailhead – 3.6 miles, 640′ of elevation gain/loss – clouds kept the temperature wonderfully cool.

There are quite a few great flowers on the mountain right now – on the Meadow Trail I took a picture of the white flowers above. At home I consulted my favorite wild flower book for the Santa Catalina Mountains – Mountain Wildflowers of Southern Arizona by Frank S. Rose – but had trouble confidently identifying it, I think it is a Stevia/Candyleaf but I am not quite sure… However while searching online I did find Frank S. Rose, Flowers and More – a fascinating site by the author of Mountain Wildflowers of Southern Arizona!

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