Green Mountain and Point 6828 – 2014/7/13

Just a few minutes from the Upper Green Mountain Trailhead the trail reaches a small saddle – from there the official trail heads downhill, but an un-official route breaks off to the south towards the top of Green Mountain. As you climb towards the summit of Green Mountain the route becomes steeper, looser and a bit less obvious (take care!), but you reach the top soon enough…

1407 Near the summit of Green Mountain
Near the summit of Green Mountain. July 2014.

 The summit area is flat and open – peaceful perhaps, certainly not dramatic – and it turns out that the most impressive views are from the rocky ledges and outcroppings that you can find on the way up…

1407 Enjoying the view on the way up Green Mountain
On the way to the summit of Green Mountain there are several rocky ledges that provide great views! July 2014.


 After coming down from the summit of Green Mountain I had a little more time – I took the Green Mountain Trail to the Wild Burro Trail and then left the trail to follow a ridge out to Point 6828.

1407 Point 6828 from the Brush Corral Trail
Point 6828 in shadow – from the Brush Corral Trail. July 2014.

Point 6828 is not particularly prominent or impressive, but it’s small summit does provide a great view of the ridge above! (And if you do hike out to Point 6828 save a few minutes to continue just past the summit to a great spot under a beautiful tree…)

1407 Looking up from Point 6828
Looking up from Point 6828. July 2014.

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