Sunset and Marshall Gulch Trails – 2014/6/23

1406 Sunset Trail
A clear sunny day on the Sunset Trail – nice contrast to my last hike here in a March winter storm… June 2014.

In March of this year I visited the Sunset Trail during a beautiful winter storm – today it was all sun with hardly a cloud in the sky! The Sunset Trailhead was busier than I expected – it was great to see so many people on the trail. I enjoyed the trees, the views, the water in Marshall Gulch and all of the green!

1406 Ferns on the Marshall Gulch Trail
Ferns and Green on the Marshall Gulch Trail! June 2014.


1406 Trees and Shade near the start of the Sunset Trail
Trees along the Sunset Trail – both the Sunset and Marshall Gulch Trails have sections of big trees and more open sections cleared by fire. June 2014.

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