Sutherland, Trail Link, 50 Year, Bridal Trail Loop – 2014/4/26

A storm coming thru the area allowed us to enjoy another day at lower elevations – cool weather and even some rain! This loop is about 10 miles and 1000 feet of cumulative elevation gain/loss starting/finishing at Catalina State Park – Sutherland Trail, Trail Link, 50 Year Trail, Bridal Trail – many other options in the area…

1404 Clouds over Pusch Ridge from the 50 Year Trail
Clouds over Pusch Ridge – the peak of Pusch Peak still visible on the right. April 2014.


1404 Cactus Flower in the Rain
The storm brought cool temperatures and rain – rain drops on a Prickly Pear flower. April 2014.


1404 Golder Dome and Grey Sky
Golder Dome – climbing information on Mountain Project and ClimbAZ. April 2014.

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