Ridge East of Guthrie Mountain to Point 6925 – 2014/3/5

1403 Rocky Point along the Ridge East of Guthrie
Rocky Point along the Ridge East of Guthrie. March 2014.

Upper Green Mountain Trailhead, Green Mountain Trail, Guthrie Mountain Trail – I have been on the Guthrie Mountain Trail a number of times but today I made time for something new – nearly to the top of Guthrie I take a faint old trail and follow cairns along the ridge east of the Guthrie Mountain – this trail is marked as a route on the ‘SAHC’ map but that seems very optimistic at this point…

I skirt Point 7162 (I had been there last March and tag it on the way back) – the cairns disappear – eventually I reach a small rock formation that seems to be the high point of the ridge – this is my original ‘starred’ destination from the ‘SAHC’ map – but after battling thru the brush along the ridge it seems impossible to turn around without going out to Point 6925 –

1403 Ridge out to 6925

The ridge out to Point 6925 is a bit of a thrash but the views are interesting and worth it – not sure how many times I need to do this hike – but it was certainly fun!

1403 Point 5380 and Donovan Tank Area

flickr – 2014 March Guthrie Ridge to Point 6925 and Maverick Spring

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