Babad Do’ag Trail and Guthrie Mountain – 2014/2/27

1402 Point 4780 East of Babad Do'ag
Point 4780 East of Babad Do’ag. February 2014.

Point 4780 near the Babad Do’ag Trail… Started the day on the Babad Do’ag Trail, tried to make good time up the trail but did take the time to hike up the spur to Point 4780 (first time!) – saw the first snake I have seen this season and for a few minutes everything seemed like a snake – nice weather, but hits of summer sun and heat…

After the Babad Do’ag Trail I drove to the Lower Green Mountain Trailhead – I had hoped to get to the point marked on the SAHC map near Guthrie Mountain, but I wasn’t fast enough and had to turn around at the ‘main’ summit – windy and almost had to put on my jacket, but not quite!

This was the first day since January that I have pushed myself outside and I definitely felt it – just over 11 miles and 3100′ of gain.

1402 Guthrie Mountain Trail at Bear Saddle

flickr – 2014 February Babad Do’ag Trail, 2014 February Guthrie Mountain

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