Bighorn Reintroduction Concerns

Restoring bighorn sheep won’t require wholesale slaughter of lions – This article attempts to address some of the concerns that have (I assume from the tone/title/content of this article) been expressed by people about translocating Bighorn Sheep into the Santa Catalina Mountains. As with previous articles the return of fire to the Santa Catalina Mountains (and anticipated Firescape Project), existing restrictions on travel and dogs in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness to help reduce human disturbance (which they claim will be enforced) and the killing of Mountain Lions to keep initial deaths due to predation low are all cited as positive changes/conditions that will help this project succeed. However the article does not have any interesting information about Urban Encroachment (sited as a ‘likely factor’ in their decline – which has only increased over time, about disease or about current water/drought conditions (this may not be a factor in the Santa Catalinas (?) but I believe is a factor in other areas). First mention I have seen of the Catalina Bighorn Advisory Committee Website and Facebook Page.

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