Fees Change!

Changes to Recreation Fees Charged in the Mt. Lemmon Recreation Area – this News Release appears to be an official announcement of the fee changes in the ‘Mount Lemmon Recreation Area’ that are a result of this litigation from early 2012! (For easier/quicker to read coverage see – Court halts fees for use of Forest Service landAnother Forest Service recreation fee bites the dust). While there is absolutely nothing incorrect in the release and it is very important that they get this information to the public I have to say that with many of the signs along the highway long since removed this release feels oddly delayed – perhaps this is just a realistic delay for the Forest Service to implement the change? But after the lengthy court battle over this and ongoing questions/concerns/actions in other High Intensity Recreation Areas it is hard to have a great feeling about this… (see this page from the Western Slope No Fee Coalition for more information)

Forest Service, after suit, to drop fees at many recreation sites in Catalinas – Coverage from the Arizona Daily Star regarding this New Release

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